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Services List


1st Line Physiotherapy Service

Aims and objectives of service

This pilot service aims to reduce the amount of time that patients wait for help with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, problems that affect the muscles, bones, and joints. It also aims to provide services close to patients' homes including high quality assessment, advice and information. It also aims to reduce the time that GPs spend assessing MSK-related conditions.

Service description

Patients have the option of an initial assessment with a physiotherapist when they contact their GP practice to book an appointment about a musculoskeletal problem. The Physiotherapist offers initial assessment of the patient’s condition and will either offer immediate advice on how to manage the condition, for example with exercises, or make a recommendation for ongoing treatment. The 1st Line Physiotherapy Service offers a maximum of two appointments per patient. Anyone requiring ongoing Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy will be referred to the MSK Clinics Service.

Following assessment, the Physiotherapist will either: discharge the patient with advice for self-care; book a follow up appointment for one to two weeks’ time; advise the patient to book to see their GP if a medical condition is suspected or refer the patient on to the MSK Clinics Service for a course of further treatment.

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