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Healthy Change: Lifestyle Referral and Support Hub

Aims and objectives of service

The Lifestyle Referral and Support Hub (Healthy Change) is an advice service that supports people with one or more behavioural risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and/or other long term conditions.

The team directs people to the appropriate service for them to receive the support they need to make health improvement lifestyle changes including stopping smoking, improving diet, achieving a healthy weight and increasing physical activity.

Service description

Healthy Change staff discuss support options by telephone, and in a minority of cases face to face, with those who want to find prevention and health improvement services.  

The Healthy Change Service stays in contact with the people it advises to check their progress; provide additional motivational support; identify further health goals; refer the person to other relevant health improvement services in the Adult Healthy Lifestyle Pathway, if required and appropriate. People who have used the service are contacted by telephone six months and a year after they have been signed off by the service.

Face to face support is provided to people with low confidence levels or other specific needs such as a learning or physical disability, mental health problem, or a first language other than English. 

The Healthy Change service is an integral part of Nottingham City’s Adult Healthy Lifestyle Pathway.

The service contributes to the diabetes, stroke, cardiac rehabilitation and alcohol treatment pathways and supports the delivery of a new model of integrated care for people with long term conditions, including older people with complex needs.


The main source of referrals will be GPs but also other health professionals and relevant local services, organisations and partner agencies. People can also self-refer.

Population covered

The service is available to those living in the city of Nottingham.

At a Glance:

Health Change


0345 604 7352

Accessing the Service

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