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Podiatry - Domiciliary

Aims and objectives of service

The Domiciliary Podiatry Service provides patients with assessment and treatment of conditions and diseases affecting the foot and lower limb, to reduce complications and foot ulceration in patients, associated with long term conditions and through early intervention and patient education.

Podiatrists play a particularly important role in helping older people to stay mobile and independent.

Service description

The service operates within multi-disciplinary teams working with community nursing, rehabilitation and specialist adult services. Assessment, treatment and review is carried out in people’s homes and, where appropriate, residential and nursing homes.

The service is for patients with a foot or lower limb health problem and a medical condition, on a medication or with a social need predisposing to foot health complications or poor wellbeing.

Types of care offered include: assessment of lower limb skin, vascular, neurological and musculoskeletal systems; nail care; corn and callus care and removal; footwear assessment and advice; foot health advice and education; provision of ‘off the shelf’ equipment such as insoles or gel heel cups; minor lesion dressing; disease prevention and self care advice; wound care; ulcer debridement; specialist biomechanical assessment and management and specialist diabetes podiatry assessment and management.

The scope of the service does not include: personal foot care defined as toenail cutting and skin care including the tasks that healthy adults would normally carry out as part of their everyday personal hygiene; specialist podiatry covering diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, systemic musculoskeletal disorders, immune-mediated connective tissue disorders, forensic podiatry, and the use of advanced technology, e.g. surgical debridement; extended scope podiatry practice including requesting blood tests, scans and interpreting results, injection therapy, and the use of diagnostic ultrasound; podiatric surgery; complex biomechanics (patients with complex and/or non-resolving chronic biomechanical conditions that require long-term management are to be referred to specialist podiatry); Podiatry for children with concurrent medical conditions; annual diabetic foot checks and nail surgery.

Days/hours of operation

The service is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am - 6pm.


Referrals will be accepted electronically from NHS Nottingham City GPs, health and social care professionals through Choose and Book or by telephone via the Podiatry Hub (telephone 0300 300 3333 or Fax 0115 883 4381) and will be categorised at assessment.

Population covered

The service is for patients registered with a GP practice in NHS Nottingham City.

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0300 300 3333

Accessing the Service

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