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Services List


Primary Care Carer Support Service

Aims and objectives of service

This is a support, information and awareness raising service for carers enabling them to stay fit and healthy and access help and respite care. The service also prepares the carer for a future when caring reduces or ends. The service also provides training and education in carer support to primary care clinicians and other community services staff members.

Service description

The needs of carers are assessed so that the most appropriate care package can be identified; this could include respite care, health care and social care.

The team supports carers to maintain good mental and physical health and improve carers' access to mainstream activities for short breaks. The team improves carers' access to information and support such as accessing benefits and help to return to work when caring ends.

The team is supported by a Discharge Carer Support Worker that is identifying carers in hospital and ensuring that they have the information they need prior to the person they care for being discharged from hospital.

The service is delivered at the home of the carer, or in another community-based location or drop-in clinic of the carers’ choice.

Population covered

This service covers the population of Nottingham City and dedicated to carers that are registered with a Nottingham City GP to pilot an approach to providing support to carers citywide.


The service accepts self-referrals and referrals from GPs and health and social care professionals.

At a Glance:

Health & Care Point


0300 131 0300

Accessing the Service

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