Small Steps Big Changes - A Better Start

Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC)

Developing the early years (0-3) of childrens lives

Big Lottery Funded project

Small Steps Big Changes is Nottingham’s 10 year “A Better Start” Big Lottery Funded Programme to improve the outcomes of 0-3 years olds. Headed up by CityCare, a third sector provider of community health services, SSBC is a new partnership between, the City Council, Health partners, Voluntary sector Organisation, Parents, Families and Communities. The programme focuses on children, parents and communities in Arboretum, Aspley, Bulwell and St Anns.

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Family Mentor Procurement St Ann's and Arboretum

Family Mentors are at the core of SSBC — central to our values and our commitment to co-production with local communities. They will be a peer workforce of parents or grandparents who understand the needs, challenges and aspirations of families in the SSBC wards. They will walk alongside families - working in partnership with the existing workforce, focusing on the A Better Start trilogy of child development outcomes. They will be supported and guided by professionals, taking SSBC activities into family homes and co-delivering group sessions and activities in the community.

The procurement process is now complete and the submissions are now being evaluated. Check back for more information.

Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC) conference

CityCare hosted a two-day SSBC conference on 28th and 29th January at the Nottingham conference centre.

Our SSBC programme team welcomed colleagues from Blackpool, Southend, Lambeth and Bradford – the four other areas which have received Big Lottery Funding – and treated them to two days of workshops, seminars and networking around the Healthy Child programme and the A Better Start programme.

Guests included members of the Big Lottery team and national experts in child development and early years, including Kate Billingham and Professor Mitch Blair. Guests were also introduced to Nottingham culture with an historical evening in Britain’s oldest public house, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, including cave tours and story-telling sessions.

Programme Day One: Running Order – Day 1

Programme Day Two: Running Order – Day 2

SSBC Partnership Event

On the 30 September 2014 a partnership event was on held to introduce it to the workforce, share progress to date, next steps and how they can get involved, the presentations and documents (all pdf) are available for download below.

The Journey So Far
Phyllis Brackenbury, Director of Operations and Transformation, Nottingham CityCare
Presentation 1 – The Journey So Far

What is SSBC?
Michelle Battlemuch, Assistant Director SSBC, Nottingham CityCare
Presentation 2 – What is SSBC?

The Harvard animation – building adult capabilities to improve child outcomes:

The SSBC Way
Paul Pearson, New Ground Consultancy
Presentation 3 – The SSBC Way

Triple P and Small Steps Big Changes
Matt Buttery, Chief Executive Officer, UK and Europe Triple P
Presentation 4 – Triple P & Small Steps Big Changes

Emily Windsor, Cartwright Communications
Presentation 5 – Communications

Community Connection & Family Mentors
Steve Parkinson, Manager Bulwell Community Toy Library
Presentation 6 – Community Connection

Background Documents

These were created during the development of the bid which will be used to inform ongoing implementation of the programme.

Area Wellbeing Profile – Survey conducted in each of the 50 shortlisted sites across the country. This was conducted using face to face interviews of 700 families across the city.

Community Consultation Evaluation by Rural Community Action - Local survey conducted with families in the city about the services they use and where they get support from.

Capital Feasibility Study – The document examining which buildings across the city the delivery of SSBC services could take place out of.

Social & Local – Digital Communications Strategy for the Programme – Proposed digital strategy drawn up during the bid process.

SSBC Learning History – Document developed after the bid was submitted to the lottery in order to try and learn from what went well and what we would do differently. It comprised of interviews with 40 parents and workers who were involved at various points of the bid process.

SSBC on a page – If you have any questions or you would like to find out more please send an email to

Triple P Groups & Course Web Information

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Caring for patients of all ages