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Opportunities for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

Opportunities for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

We're always looking out for nurses and allied health professionals who share our enthusiasm for innovative, quality healthcare and want to work in a supportive team environment where their opinions matter and their ideas will be heard.

Tracy Tyrell, our Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, is passionate about supporting  our team members to develop their skills and roles whether they join us as students, newly qualified nurses, specialist nurses, practice teachers, service managers or senior managers.

She said: "My main aim is to ensure that quality is at the heart of all we do as an organisation; that our care delivery is safe and effective and we provide care that is compassionate and centred around the individual’s needs. I believe we need to listen to our patients’ experience of their care delivery, maximise opportunities for integration and innovation to deliver high quality care, and ensure we deliver this through a skilled and competent workforce."


Students who work with us can choose one of three pathways to follow:

Each pathway allows progression through education and qualification starting from band 5 (when qualified) through to band 7 specialist nurses. 

Once fully qualified, specialist service opportunities open up, for example in tissue viability, end of life care, care home nursing and continuing care.

If you want to move into management, we offer leadership programmes that will prepare you for service manager roles and ultimately assistant director and director appointments. The sky really is the limit.

Mentoring is available to nurses at all stages of their careers and our nurses are encouraged to become mentors and eventually take on practice teaching roles.


Newly qualified nurses, or nurses new to community care services, receive the support of a preceptor for a minimum of 12 months to ease their transition into the next stage of their careers and help them find their feet as a qualified health professional.

Preceptors are supportive nurses, midwives, ODPs, or physiotherapists, for example, who will help you build up your confidence and provide feedback to help fine tune your skills.

As a preceptee, you will have protected time away from clinical areas for learning and training to consolidate your skills.

Preceptorship is also available to those who are returning to practice after a break of five or more years.  It will help new staff members to feel valued and part of the team and give them increased job satisfaction. It also helps people to get into the routine of keeping their professional knowledge up-to-date and enhances their future career aspirations by promoting the habit of life-long learning.


The AHPs that work at CityCare include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatry, speech and language therapists and dieticians. They are all graduates and most have a BSC in a related field.

Typically, band 5 AHPs would spend time with different clinics and teams relating to their area of work. At band 6 they will usually start to specialise. There are currently clinical specialists in physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and nursing. At band 7 they will be taking on roles that involve management and supervision of others.

Moving above band 7 takes you into leadership and clinical specialist roles where you will lead the development and direction of the profession within CityCare and shape future strategies.

Excellent education opportunities and training support are provided at every level including in-house training and development; clinical supervision; funded training for external courses; post-graduate module support and PhD support.