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How to Access our Services

How to Access our Services

Nottingham Health & Care Point.

We have updated the way that people can get help and advice on health and social care services in Nottingham. Our Health and Care Point phone service options have been changed to direct your call to the right team as quickly as possible.

Those picking up the calls will be trained in health and social care - they’ll understand the call being made and know where to get help.

The Health and Care Point number is 0300 131 0300.

Please note, you can also access our services using our online referral form, click here to do so.

Referrals can be made to many of CityCare’s community health services (see list below), and Nottingham City Council’s Adult Social Care Assessment Service (Nottingham City residents only).

The 0300 131 0300 number now offers the following options:

Option 1 - If you know what service you need, choose Option 1 to access the automated options (see below)

Option 2 - If you wish to speak to someone in person

Choosing Option 1 will give you access to 5 further options:

Option 1 - Urgent Care (0700 - 2300, 7 days)

Option 2 - Adult Social Care (0800 - 1700 Mon - Fri)

Option 3 - Self Referral to Physiotherapy (0800 - 16.30 Mon-Fri) for referrals

Option 4 - Continence and Prescribing (08.30-16.30)

Option 5 - Nottingham CityCare Partnership Any Other Services (8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday)

Nottingham CityCare Partnership - Service Referral Portal

0300 131 0300 Option 5 is for access to Nottingham Health & Care Point.

Opening hours are changing from 1 July 2018 to 0830 - 1700, Monday to Friday. You can also use the secure online referral form 24 hours a day. To refer to a CityCare service please click here.

Please note, not all CityCare services accept patient self-referral. For more information on each service, visit their service page on this website.

Each service below accepts referrals via the Health & Care Point number.

Behavioural, Emotional, Mental Health Wellbeing Service (Young people); Breastfeeding Peer Support Team; Cardiac Rehabilitation; TIA & Heart Failure Nursing; Carer Support Service; Community (District) Nursing; Community Nursing and Rehabilitation; Community Stroke Team/Stroke Ability; Continence Advisory Service*; Early Supported Discharge Team; Falls & Bone Health Service; Family Nurse Partnership; Health Reablement; Macmillan*; Medicine Compliance Review; Neurology; Nutrition & Dietetics*; Occupational Therapy Clinic; Physiotherapy Clinic; School Nursing; Speech and Language Therapy; ICELS, Tissue Viability.

The Interpreting Service can be accessed on 0115 883 1533.

All CityCare services are available to patients registered with a Nottingham City GP. Those marked with an * are also available to patients registered with a GP in the South of Nottinghamshire (Nottingham North and East, Nottingham West and Rushcliffe). See each service for details.

Referrals can also be made via a secure and easy to use online form - click here.

Further important changes from 1 July 2018 for Health Professionals only

From the 1 July Nottingham Health and Care Point will no longer be able to receive faxes. A secure email has been set up: which can be used in place of faxing. This email can also be used to send generic email correspondence and enquiries. Any referrals made by fax will not be received and will NOT be processed.

Nottingham City Council (Nottingham City residents only)

0300 131 0300 option 2 is for access to Adult Social Care services.

Opening hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

All enquiries outside of these hours, please use the Emergency Duty Team number 0115 876 1000.

Adult Social Care services that can be accessed via 0300 131 0300 include:

Safeguarding referrals, Signposting to specialist Adult Social Care teams (Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Sensory and Neurological), Social Worker and Occupational Therapy Assessment, Home Care, Day Care, Meals at Home, Care Homes for Older People, Carer Support Assistive Technology, Adaptations and Renewals Agency.