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Acute Visiting Service

 This pilot service aims to reduce admissions to hospital, A&E attendances and 999 emergency calls through a rapid response home visiting service to patients who ring their GP practice requesting an urgent home visit for an acute medical problem.

Service description

GPs are able to refer patients to the Acute Visiting Service (AVS) when they believe that delaying an urgent home visit might result in the patient going to A&E, calling 999 or being admitted to hospital.

Through the AVS, a clinician with the ability to assess and diagnose a patient’s problem visits them at home. It will be up to the patient’s GP practice to make a medical assessment of the patient's suitability for a visit from the AVS. The responsibility for this decision will be the patient’s own GP or Duty GP. The service is not for routine home visits which can safely wait until the early afternoon.

Where the patient does requires admission to hospital every effort will be made to ensure that this happens as early in the day as possible to increase the likelihood of assessing, treating and discharging on the same day.

Days/hours of operation

The service is available from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, with a 5.30pm deadline for accepting the last referral.


Following the GP and patient telephone consultation the GP will ring the Care Co-ordinator the same day requesting a home visit. Requests for visits can be taken from 08.30 to 17:30. Care Co-ordinators are specific to each CDG:

At a Glance:

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Accessing the Service

You can be referred by:

GP (via Care Co-ordinator)

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