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Children's Continuing Care Assessment and Key Working Service

Aims and objectives of service

This service exists to organise and review support for children and young people with complex needs and to ensure that care for children who may be approaching end of life is well planned and that appropriate care packages are commissioned.

It also exists to contribute to a range of forums within Nottingham City to ensure that the needs of children or young people with acute, additional and complex health needs are represented and to enable informed decisions to be made about their care.

Service description

The Continuing Care Service will be provided to all children and young people aged 0-18 and through the transition process to adulthood.

The team promotes the implementation of the National Framework to a wide range of professionals and provides regular training about how and when to refer for children's continuing care to relevant professionals to an agreed training strategy and criteria.


Referrals can be made by healthcare professionals such as consultants, GPs, specialist nurses, children’s community nurses, school nurses and other professionals such as social workers and SENCOs. A checklist or screening tool should be completed for all individuals who may be eligible for children’s continuing care.

Population covered

The service is available to the registered population of NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group.

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Accessing the Service

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