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Community Dietetic Oral Nutritional Supplement Project

Aims and objectives of service

The aim of this service is to improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of adults with malnutrition in the community across Nottingham City.

Service description

This service is working with GP practices to identify adult patients prescribed oral nutritional supplements (ONS)  and produce an audit that will measure various elements around the prescription and on-going management of the patient.

The service team reviews all patients and provides guidance to GPs on the patient’s care and implements agreed changes. For example, changes in prescribing ONS and improvements in education and support.

Education sessions are run for GPs, practice nurses, community matrons and district nurses in the practice teams if needed to help them manage patients with malnutrition more effectively. A separate education session is run for the staff of care homes.

This service works in collaboration with the community dietetic service for Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the Nottingham City CCG Medicines Management Team.

Population covered

The service is aimed at adult patients who require dietetic support for improving the treatment of malnutrition and who are registered with a GP in NHS Nottingham City CCG.

Care homes within the Nottingham City CCG boundary who cater mostly for the needs of patients that are registered with a Nottingham City CCG are eligible to receive training.

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