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End of Life Care

Aims and objectives of the service

The End of Life Care Team provide expert, holistic end of life care to patients in Nottingham City, either in their own homes, a care home or in hospice beds based at Connect House.

The service supports all members of the community multidisciplinary team to provide quality patient centred care for patients within the last 12 months of their lives and those important to them.

As well as case management the team support and educate other health professionals to identify the needs of patients and their carers using recognised methods of assessment and care planning.

Service description

The team case manage patients, which may include symptom management, advanced care planning, psychological and carer support.

We also have three ‘virtual’ community hospice beds based at Connect House nursing home. These beds allow the team to provide end of life care for those requiring short term respite and reassessment (generally for up to two weeks) and an alternative place for patients to die.

We work closely with all community staff, providing support and advice regarding palliative medicines and syringe pumps. We also run numerous educational courses throughout the year for non qualified and qualified nurses and GPs.

We work alongside GPs to identify those thought to be in their last year of life and in need of additional support, and work to ensure that this information is shared with the relevant services. This is achieved through EPaCCs (Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System) an electronic system which we advise on, assist with and teach to all community staff.

The team works with the Nottinghamshire Hospice who provide day therapy and hospice care at home and the Palliative Rehab Team consisting of an Occupation Therapist, Physiotherapist and Dietician, who provide support to patients in their own homes and in care homes.

Days / Hours of operation

The team operates Monday- Friday, 8:30 -5:00 and work from New Brook House.

Population covered

We accept patients that are over 18, thought to be in their last year of life and have a Nottingham City GP.

Referrals can be made directly to the team by all healthcare professionals, patients or carers on the office number 0115 8834787 or through the Palliative Co-ordination Service via option 3 of Health and Care Point..

At a Glance:

Health & Care Point


0300 131 0300

Accessing the Service

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