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Pharmacy Technician Care Establishment Training

Aims and objectives of service

This service provides medicines training to staff working in care establishments in order to improve standards, safety and governance associated with medicines and to reduce the risks and harms associated with medicines for patients and residents in these settings.

The service aims to improve medicines management knowledge and competencies of care so that establishment staff are more informed and enabled to manage medicines for people in their care more safely and appropriately.

Service description

The Annual Programme offers a choice of three training packages:

  1. General medicines administration for care establishment staff;
  2. Controlled drugs training
  3. Medicines management training for NMC registered staff (establishments with nursing only).

The service ensures that every care establishment within Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) receives at least one session of each relevant training package per annum, according to their needs.

Any changes in medicines legislation are incorporated into the training programme, and where appropriate, the service liaises with community pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. It supports and enables other professionals, health and social care staff to improve the use of medicines in care establishments to locally and nationally accepted standards.

An annual rolling programme of up-to-date training sessions is delivered by CityCare pharmacy technicians to all care establishments in NHS Nottingham City.

Urgent training requests may be made by care establishments in Nottingham City; NHS Nottingham City CCG Medicines Management and Governance Leads and Social services.


Training is delivered according to the Annual Programme and is therefore planned and pro-active. Urgent referrals by CCG medicines management team or other concerned local agencies/staff can result from a significant event or a training need that is identified as part of performance review.

Population covered

Care establishments within the boundaries of NHS Nottingham City.

At a Glance:



0115 883 3114

Accessing the Service

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