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PLT (Protected Learning Time) Admin Support

Aims and objectives of service

The objectives of this service are to ensure the delivery of a high quality learning and development programme for primary care staff and ensure that all practices are aware of the learning opportunities available to them.

Service description

Cluster based PLTs - Four topic sets are delivered each year. Each topic set will be delivered twice in order to provide a choice of two dates for practices to attend. The PLT topics tend to be split into clinical and non-clinical sessions, but there can be further sub-division within this.

Practice based PLTs - Each practice is able to have four in-house learning events per year when they are entitled to receive NEMS cover. A practice can choose one of two dates in each quarter. Practices decide upon their own learning areas and book their own providers where necessary.

Learning and Development programme - The Clinical Commissioning Group has allocated budget  for the procurement of training courses for practice managers, practice nurses, health care assistants and administrative staff. The PLT and Learning and Development Planning Group in discussion with cluster groups and the service provider will decide on the content of the L&D programme.

Population covered

This service is provided for staff working for Nottingham City practices only. This includes locum GPs on the Nottingham City Performance register.

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0115 883 9410

Accessing the Service

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