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Primary Care Cardiac Service

Aims and objectives of the service

This service supports patients who have had heart surgery or been diagnosed with left ventricular systolic dysfunction; IHD (Ischemic Heart Disease); Acute Coronary Syndrome; TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack)/ mini stroke; Diagnosed stable angina or are at high risk of CVD (Cardiovascular disease).

Service description

The Primary Care Cardiac Team is made up of Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Assistant Practitioners who offer advice and support to help improve heart health and reduce the risk of further heart problems and stroke.

In the first instance, a Primary Care Cardiac Nurse will conduct a health assessment order to identify ways to reduce the risk of further cardiac problems, further TIA or stroke. This can include advice on healthy eating, support to stop smoking and optimising medication.

Working closely with the patient, the service will identify personal health goals, and provide tailored education, advice and support from the entire team, to help the patient achieve them. Continual monitoring ensures the treatment is appropriate for the condition of the patient.

The service also links with partners in Welfare Rights, Social Services and Housing and may also be able to provide access to:

Physiotherapy and exercise

Exercise is a safe and important part of recovery post heart event, therefore the Primary Care Cardiac Nurse may suggest the patient completes an eight week Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Programme.

The weekly sessions run at a number of local venues including Nottingham City Hospital, local health centres and GP surgeries, or in the home from a Cardiac Physiotherapist.

Patients recover at differing rates, but encouraging exercise to continue long term can help:

Heart support groups

There are several heart support groups that meet frequently in the Nottingham City area, contact the team for more details.


Referral is either via hospital based cardiac rehabilitation, GP, healthcare professional or self-referral through the Nottingham Health and Care Point.

You can also contact the team directly on 0115 883 4733.

The team is available from 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Population covered

The service will be offered to patients that are registered with a GP in Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group.

Useful information


At a Glance:

Health & Care Point


0300 131 0300

Accessing the Service

You can be referred by:


Service availability