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Public Health Nursing - Health Improvement Co-ordinators

Aims and objectives of service

A key part of this service's work is to lead and co-ordinate work that improves the health of children and young people aged five to 19 across Nottingham City.

The service focuses on issues such as mental and emotional health and wellbeing, healthy weight, smoking, drugs and alcohol and avoidable injury prevention. In addition, there will be parts of the service dedicated to improving young peoples’ sexual health, including reducing teenage pregnancy and child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Service description

The service is delivered as part of the School Nursing Service. (NOTE: the school nursing service is no longer a single specification, it comprises all Public Health Nursing Services. See below for links to those services). It is supported by other partners delivering services relevant to its aims, such as schools, the Healthy Schools team, School Sports Nottingham, or the Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools (IMPS).

There are two Health Improvement Co-ordinators, one with a focus on emotional health and one focusing on sexual health and relationships. They work very closely with commissioners, schools, the school nursing managers, and a wide range of external partners and providers.

This service is part of the universal provision for all children attending school in Nottingham City.  It plays an important role in reducing health inequalities by ensuring that vulnerable, at risk and excluded young people receive support and help.

Sexual health services for young people will provide support to all children as well as targeting refugees and asylum seekers, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups, young offenders and children or young people at risk of sexual exploitation.

The service is delivered in city schools via all school nursing groups and in community settings as required.


These health promotion services are a universal provision to all school age children and young people in Nottingham with the ability for children and families to opt out. 

Population covered

The service is available to all five to 24 year olds living or attending school in Nottingham City. The service also covers excluded pupils, children taught at home and children living in Nottingham City who are educated outside it, including children in Pupil Referral Units (PRU) and special schools.

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