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Public Health Nursing - Healthy Weight Co-ordinator

Aims and objectives of service

The Health Improvement Co-ordination (Healthy Weight) Service aims to help and support children and families to achieve and maintain healthy weight in school age children throughout the city of Nottingham in partnership with the School Nursing Service (NOTE: the school nursing service is no longer a single specification, it comprises all Public Health Nursing Services. See below for links to those services).

The primary purpose of this service is to co-ordinate activities and initiatives that contribute to healthy weight in children and young people.

Service description

Health improvement activities are organised with schools and a variety of partner organisations and co-ordinated by the Health Improvement Co-ordinators (Healthy Weight). Support is offered to all children aged four/five to 16 years. Children assessed as obese through the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) are offered individual family level support. One to one support is provided to children assessed in the NCMP as in the 98th centile or above. This is called the Level 2 Targeted Weight Management Support Package and supports them to reduce their BMI to within a healthy range. The Level 2 support package is not available to children with significant co-morbidities and/or complex needs. Services are delivered via all school health groups in the city as well as in community settings or a child’s own home when appropriate to do so, such as when supporting vulnerable families, children excluded from school etc.

Days/hours of operation

The service is run at times that meet the needs of partner agencies and local people, including office hours, early evenings and/or weekends as required. Co-ordinators are available during the school holidays.


Referrals to the package of weight management services are accepted by the service co-ordinators. Self (or parental) referrals and referrals from GPs or other health professionals involved in the child’s care are also accepted. Referrals are made in person by telephone, email or in writing.

The service works closely with the Public Health Nutrition team, School Sports Nottingham and the Healthy Schools team. It also works with agencies and organisations including GPs, Family Community teams, Nottingham City Council Leisure Services and Parks, school caterers and midday school supervisors, the Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Safeguarding Children teams.

Population covered

The service is available to all four/five to 16 year olds living or attending school in Nottingham City. The service also covers excluded pupils, children taught at home and children living in the city but educated outside it including children in Pupil Referral Units (PRU) and special schools.

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