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Public Health Nutrition

Aims and objectives of service

Service Description

The Nutrition team promote healthy eating and good nutrition through delivery of practical and interactive courses that show people how easy and inexpensive it can be to eat well. Registered dietitians and nutritionists also provide nutrition expertise to support workers and volunteers, for example, through interpreting national guidance into practical advice and through provision of high quality nutrition and healthy eating training and resources

Services offered by the team include:

Nutrition expertise - covering all aspects of public health nutrition, including

Free courses for people living in the city:

Eatwell for Life

A cook and eat course incorporating nutrition education, practical cooking and behaviour change strategies. Outcomes include increased fruit and vegetable intake, weight loss, increased motivation to make lifestyle changes, improvements in family eating habits and development of cooking and food budgeting skills. The course has been shown to support participants to make sustained changes to their diets.

Free of charge, Eatwell for Life is delivered over six 2 hour sessions at community venues across the city. Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups and cultures.

Eatwell for Juggle

A cook and eat course for people with Type 2 Diabetes who have attended the Juggle Structured Education Programme. The course involves cooking, tasting different foods and looking at healthy meal ideas for people with diabetes. Topics include: 5 A Day, Reducing fat and salt, Portion size and Meal planning. Free of charge, Eatwell for Juggle is delivered over six 2 hour sessions at community venues in the city.

To find out more call 0115 883 4291 or email

Tiny Cooks

A healthy eating course for parents and pre-school children designed to promote good eating habits and provide opportunities for children to taste new foods. Each session includes hands-on cookery and play activities based around a healthy eating theme. Free of charge, Tiny Cooks is delivered in partnership with Children’s Centres, schools and other organisations, over six 1½ hour sessions, in community venues.

Diabetes prevention programme

This group education programme is designed to raise awareness of pre-diabetes and to support, motivate and enable patients to make positive lifestyle and behaviour changes to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 Diabetes. Delivered by Registered Nutritionists/Dietitians, topics include ‘What is pre-diabetes’, ‘Effects of different foods and physical activity on blood sugar levels’, and ‘Practical tips to improve your lifestyle’.

To find out more call 0115 883 4291 or email

Early Years Nutrition

The team work with health visiting to provide opportunities for parents to learn more about healthy eating for babies and young children. First Foods groups are available via health visiting and are designed to provide new parents with lots of practical advice about when and how to start baby on first foods, progress through the weaning stages and encourage good eating habits right from the start. To find out more ask your health visitor or call the Nutrition team on 0115 883 4291

Practical support around how to make home-made baby foods, adapt family meals for babies and toddlers and tips on how to introduce a wide variety of healthy nutritious foods is available from sessions delivered by the Nutrition team.

To find out more call 0115 883 4291 or email

Days/hours of operation

Services are provided at the times that meet the needs of the community and maximise the uptake by clients from priority groups and areas, including evenings and weekends.


People living in the city can self-refer.  People can also be referred through Healthy Change (the Lifestyle Referral Hub) and signposting through partner organisations, healthcare professionals and children’s services.

Population covered

The service is available to all adults, children and families who meet the referral criteria, living within Nottingham City boundaries.

At a Glance:

Healthy Change (Various)


0345 604 7352

Accessing the Service

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