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Social Nail Foot-care Service

Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Age UK

What is the Foot-care Service?

The service offers people aged 60+ a simple nail cutting and basic foot-care advice service. People who have a long term health condition, and who do not qualify for NHS podiatry services, are able to access this charged for service. CityCare are working in partnerships with Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to provide this affordable and accessible foot-care service. The service is delivered by a small team of trained paid staff and volunteers.

What do we offer?

Which area does the service cover?

It serves Nottingham City residents at three locations:

Who is this service for?

People aged 60+ who have a long-term health condition, are not able to cut their own toenails, are registered with a Nottingham City GP and do not qualify for NHS Podiatry Services.

How much does this service cost?

Initial assessment (including provision of personal nail-care pack) - £20

Follow-up appointments - £15

What extra support do we offer?

If you are a professional, please send referrals by email only to:

At a Glance:


0115 697 6333

Accessing the Service

You can be referred by:


Service availability

St Ann's Valley Centre (Mondays)

Clifton Cornerstone (Tuesdays)

Sherwood Rise Health Centre (Fridays)