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Specialist Domestic Violence Function

Aims and objectives of service

This service works on developing approaches and responses to incidents of domestic violence and abuse (DVA).

Service description

The service offers specialist expertise from an experienced nurse or a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner to develop, inform, support and evaluate an effective response to DVA.

It works in partnership with local safeguarding teams and local partner organisations across Nottingham City. The Specialist Domestic Abuse Nursing function is an integral element of the Safeguarding Children team within the Nottingham CityCare Partnership.

The service has professional links within community and primary health services, including midwifery, as well as with other health providers. It works with external partners who are part of the mainstream and specialist response to domestic abuse such as police, probation, Women's Aid Integrated Services (WAIS), social care, housing and the Crime and Drug Partnership (CDP).


Access to this specialist support is open to all community and primary care health professionals in Nottingham or to those supporting people in Nottingham. Depending on risk and complexity, the service may be directly involved with patients and their children as a result of discussions with other colleagues.

Population covered

The service is available to those living in the city of Nottingham and in contact with community and primary health services.

At a Glance:

Health & Care Point


0300 131 0300

Accessing the Service

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