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Support to Housebound Patients

Aims and objectives of service

This service aims to provide health checks on patients that are housebound and improve their care by identifying potential health problems through general health checks in the patient’s home. It is intended to provide a holistic approach to patient care and wellbeing.

Service description

Checks that are performed in the home of a housebound patient include: blood pressure checks; urine dip tests and sampling for pathology; blood sugar levels; measuring height and weight; blood samples; flu and pneumococcal vaccinations as clinically appropriate; ensuring that the patient is not stockpiling medication; ensuring that sight and hearing tests are up to date; nutrition.

The patient will be made aware of services available to them including social care, mental health, podiatry and the falls risk service.

The service will identify those patients who are poorly self-managing and would benefit from further support. The team will initiate referrals to appropriate services when it is believed specialist equipment is required.

Referral route

The service will receive referrals from City Central GPs through the referral route.

Population covered

The service will be available to adults registered with a City Central GP practice.

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Accessing the Service

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