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Tissue Viability

Aims and objectives of service

This service provides specialist wound care advice and therapies for patients with healing problems and advice to any carers or staff members. The aim is to promote wound healing and prevent deterioration or recurrence. Pressure ulcer prevention is a key objective.

Service description

This team provides expert advice and support to healthcare professionals involved in all aspects of tissue viability and wound care.

The team holistically assesses individual patients with tissue viability related concerns across all primary care settings. Assessment will be provided in the appropriate community setting to meet the patient’s individual needs. This includes patients' homes and care homes. The option to attend a Tissue Viability Assessment Clinic is also offered. A leg ulcer clinic service is also provided.

Specialist services include toe pressure measurements for microcirculatory disease, hydrosurgery and complex wound assessment.

The team advises pharmacies and supplies departments regarding the acquisition and management of wound care products and is responsible for delivering monthly in-service training packages on all aspects of tissue viability to registered and non registered staff.

Training  is provided to trained and registered community and GP staff on: Pressure Ulcer Prevention; Wound Management; Leg Ulcer Management; Advanced Tissue Viability; Compression bandaging; Doppler ultrasound. Support and Health Care Assistant (HCA) staff are given training in tissue viability and advanced tissue viability.

In addition, the service works in collaboration with the University of Nottingham School of Nursing running the following modules at both diploma and degree level and offers a specialist studies pathway: Leg ulcer management; Pressure ulcer prevention and management and Tissue Viability Contemporary Theory and Practice.

Days/hours of operation

The service operates between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Population covered

The service will be available to patients living in the community registered with a NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) practice; Nottinghamshire Health Care Trust (South) inpatients; NHS Nottingham City CCG patients resident in a care home.



At a Glance:

Health & Care Point


0300 131 0300

Accessing the Service

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