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Nottingham City Diabetes Services

Aims and objectives of service

The aim of this service is to provide an integrated diabetes service in the community for adults with type 1 and complex type 2 diabetes. 

Service description

The service includes: telephone education, advice and support to both patients and healthcare professionals; emotional and psychological support; structured education programmes (both group and one to one sessions); continuous blood glucose monitoring;  foot assessment; care planning and insulin initiation and management. 

People presenting post hypoglycaemic episode will be given advice and support through the hypoglycaemic pathway.

Mentorship and training opportunities for healthcare professionals seeking further development in diabetes management will also be provided.

The service is not suitable for: newly diagnosed Type 1 patients; patients on insulin pumps; patients with pre-existing diabetes who become pregnant; people with active diabetic foot ulceration; in-patients (urgent referral requiring admission); Patients with unstable renal function (EGFR <30) and U500 patients.

Information download:

Click here to download the Diabetes Service Leaflet.


Referrals are also accepted via Choose and Book and the online Nottingham Health and Care Point Service which can be accessed by clicking here. Patients deemed suitable by Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) consultants will also be invited to the service.

Population covered

Patients aged 18 and over that are registered with a GP in Nottingham are eligible for the service. 

At a Glance:



0115 883 9800

Accessing the Service

You can be referred by:



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