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Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)

Across Nottinghamshire a system called MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) enables GPs to make relevant medical information from your GP record available to other healthcare professionals who are providing you with direct care, even if they are not using the same electronic records system as the GP practice.

Before your information is accessed in this way you will be asked for your explicit consent. Examples of organisations that may want to access your GP health information include NEMS (Nottingham Emergency Medical Services) Out of Hours team, walk in centres and local A&E departments.

Sharing of information in this way is designed to ensure that the healthcare professionals looking after you, have the most relevant information to enable them to provide you with the most appropriate care.

The type of information shared through the MIG is restricted and includes a summary of current problems, current medication, allergies, recent tests, diagnosis, procedures, investigations, risks and warnings - all this information is currently held in your GP system record.

Whenever a clinician from another healthcare organisation wants to view your GP information via the MIG they will always seek your permission. If you say 'no' they will not be able to see any information and no data will be made viewable via the MIG.

If you have any concerns about the sharing of your information, or do not want your information made available via the MIG, please speak to your GP practice who can advise you. Remember, this sharing is ONLY between professionals involved with your care, for the purposes of your care.

CityCare will ask your permission to directly access records about you that are held by other care providers. Records for new patients may be automatically shared between CityCare services and other organisations who provide your care, unless you tell us not to share them. This is part of our legal duty of care. If you are an existing patient who has already told us how you want us to share, or not share, your records then these preferences will not change.

Sharing records in this way will help us to provide you with high quality care without having to wait for relevant information, for example, we wouldn’t have to wait for your GP to call us back to tell us about medicines you may be taking. It does mean that your whole record will be shared. It is possible to mark certain entries in your record as ‘private’. This means that only the service that entered the information can see the private part of the record.


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