We recently launched our new Corporate Strategy plan. This plan sets out the direction of travel for our organisation for the next three years.

As part of this document we fully engaged with our staff at an individual and organisational level in order to help formulate the final content. As a result of this process we have a incorporated a number of strands of this consultation into our values and how we go about letting people know about them.

Our organisational mission is to "Make a difference every day to the health and wellbeing of our communities" that will be delivered through our vision of "High quality, locally-led care"

The key aims of the organisation we have identied are:

  1. Improve care delivery and transform our services.
  2. Work in partnership to deliver better outcomes.
  3. Provide rewarding working lives and careers.
  4. Create long-term, sustainable improvement in our communities.

These are supported by our new values: Kindness, Respect, Trust and Honesty, and our behaviours which are: Teamwork, being Accountable, Courageous and Inclusive

These will provide a strong foundation to help us achieve our stated mission.

The full strategy is available on its own dedicated page on our website that can be found here

Date published: 4 July 2022