If you’re considering a career with us and want to you know more about us and what we do, we’ve tried to answer some of your questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can email us and we’ll let you know. 

A career at CityCare is varied and interesting, and in many roles there is an option to work flexibly hours that fit around your family life and commitments. We have team members working in our many different services, at health centres, schools and GP surgeries around the city, while other colleagues are on the road taking care into the homes of young families, older people and those with special health needs.

If you are committed to the ideals of the NHS - providing  equal access to free healthcare for all - but want freedom to innovate and respond swiftly to needs in the community, we think you'll enjoy working for CityCare. We are at the forefront of integrating health and social care to meet our healthcare challenges.

Our services are expanding and developing all the time giving our talented and committed CityCare team’s new opportunities for innovation and development. It's a dynamic environment to work in as we work closely with private and public sector agencies to deliver top quality services that benefit the society in which we live.

We believe in rewarding our people for the amazing work they do. Some of the benefits of working for CityCare include:

  • NHS pension scheme.
  • Generous discounts at local gyms, shops, NCP car parks, NCT buses and more.
  • Good mobile phone offers.
  • Cycle to work scheme - good for you and good for the environment.
  • Lease cars are available via salary sacrifice schemes with tax benefits.
  • Health and wellbeing packages, which include access to physiotherapy services.
  • Education and training opportunities for all.
  • Talent management schemes - so that those who achieve are never overlooked.

Students who work with us can choose one of three pathways to follow:

  • Community nursing
  • School nursing
  • Health visiting

Each pathway allows progression through education and qualification starting from band 5 (when qualified) through to band 7 specialist nurses. 

Once fully qualified, specialist service opportunities open up, for example in tissue viability, end of life care, care home nursing and continuing care. Also, if you want to move into management, we offer leadership programmes that will prepare you for service manager roles. Mentoring is available to nurses at all stages of their careers and our nurses are encouraged to become mentors and eventually take on practice teaching roles.

Newly qualified nurses, or nurses new to community care services, receive the support of a preceptor for a minimum of 12 months to ease their transition into the next stage of their careers and help them find their feet as a qualified health professional.

Preceptors are supportive nurses, midwives, ODPs, or physiotherapists, for example, who will help you build up your confidence and provide feedback to help fine tune your skills. As a preceptee, you will have protected time away from clinical areas for learning and training to consolidate your skills.

Preceptorship is also available to those who are returning to practice after a break of five or more years.  It will help new staff members to feel valued and part of the team and give them increased job satisfaction. It also helps people to get into the routine of keeping their professional knowledge up-to-date and enhances their future career aspirations by promoting the habit of life-long learning.

The AHPs that work at CityCare include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatry, speech and language therapists, dieticians and more. They are all graduates and most have a BSC in a related field.

Typically, band 5 AHPs would spend time with different clinics and teams relating to their area of work, usually starting to specialise at band 6. There are currently clinical specialists in physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and nursing. At band 7 they will be taking on roles that involve management and supervision of others.

Excellent education opportunities and training support are provided at every level including in-house training and development; clinical supervision; funded training for external courses; post-graduate module support and PhD support.

There are a wide range of clinical roles that support people in our local communities at every stage of their life. Opportunities include Healthcare Assistants, Assistant Practitioners, Nursery Nurses, Support Workers, Breastfeeding Peer Support Workers, Care Support Assistants, Community Food Workers, Diabetes Clinical Support Workers, Health Improvement Workers, Health Promotion Specialists, Key Workers, Phlebotomists and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

You will have access to all our exciting benefits and the education and training. Also, if you are considering a future career as a qualified nurse, we can help you make this step from a clinical service role. Contact us to find out more.

We could not deliver care to our community with our administration and clerical colleagues. The range of positions available in this area include: Administrators, Finance Workers, Communications and Marketing, HR Professionals, Trainers, Business Analysts, Managers, Directors, General Assistants and more. 

You will have access to all the benefits, training and support that are offered across the board at CityCare, and you can make a difference in our their community.

Our estates, ancillary and facilities staff members are essential to the delivery of all our services. There are roles for General Assistants, Caretakers and Domestic Assistants, as well as team leaders, supervisors, and managers. 

If you have been thinking about returning to nursing this could be the perfect time to take that step. CityCare has all the help and support ready and waiting to welcome you back. We will value the contribution you can make, as a qualified professional, to caring for our community. 

Whether you have had a career break to raise a family or be a carer, took retirement, , or if you've left healthcare to work in another industry or sector, we want you to contribute your skills and experience at CityCare. We support the national programme that is encouraging former nurses to return to the profession. Read more here

If you have ever been a registered nurse previously and wish to return to the profession, you may need to undertake a return to practice programme. The programme is essentially a period of updating your skills and knowledge, so that you can return to work in nursing and become re-registered. We will help you with this. 

  • You can now expect:
  • Course fees to be paid
  • Additional financial support towards travel, childcare and book costs etc.
  • Clear information on how to find a course
  • Support in finding a clinical placement
  • Theory and clinical based training
  • Access to a mentor
  • Simulation techniques to practice skills
  • Preceptorship support

For more information on this programme, visit the website here.

CityCare Exchange is located on the corner of Alfreton Road, Hartley Road and Bentnick Road approximately 1 mile from Nottingham City Centre. There is no parking onsite and street parking is limited, we recommend you use alternative methods (outlined below) and allow yourself enough time to reach the venue.

Address: CityCare Exchange, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3AA. Map.

By Bus: From the City Centre, take the NCT (Nottingham City Transport) Turquoise Line, 77, 77C, 78, 79, 79A and the N77. The nearest CityCare Exchange bus stop is Hartley Road (Stop RA49). 
By Tram: The Forest Park & Ride Tram stop is approximately a 10 minute walk from CityCare Exchange. 

Do you still have questions?

If so, simply message our Recruitment Lead  Liza Place on: 07881 037877 or email liza.place1@nhs.net she  will be happy to answer your questions or arrange a video call or phone call.