The Targeted Healthy Lifestyle Service is a Nottingham CityCare Partnership team of staff working with Children and Families who live in Nottingham City. We are a family-friendly team that works in the community in partnership with families, offering individualised programmes of care, support, advice and education. 

This service is available for children and families from birth up to the child’s 4th birthday. 

High on the agenda at present, locally, regionally and nationally are the obesity rates across the UK. Children who are overweight and obese are more likely to experience bullying, stigmatisation and low self-esteem and poor health.

Our aim is that children & their families will be eating healthier meals and will be more physically active, therefore reducing the possibility of childhood and adult ill health. We can help families make small changes that can make a big difference. We can support and show them how to make simple changes to daily routines, which lead to a healthier lifestyle. By delivering targeted early intervention and prevention programmes to our families, rather than delivering a “treatment” for children who are already obese, we can help to prevent obesity.

When we meet families, we will work together to develop personalised goals around what is important for them, we can show families fun ways to get healthy together with our “A Burst of Brilliance” ideas.

Referral process:

The Children’s Public Health 0-19 Nursing Service will weigh and measure children at their routine development reviews or in the clinic. They can refer children to us.

A parent can also self-refer by booking a clinic appointment with their local Children’s Public Health 0-19 Nursing Service for their child’s growth measurements and requesting a referral to our service.

Family Mentors and other professionals can support families to access the service by signposting them to the clinic appointments.

GPs can also refer to us.


We are a pilot service and will welcome feedback so that we can, in partnership with our community of service users, grow and develop into the best service for supporting Nottingham children and families' healthy lifestyle choices.

After families have completed the package of care, we will make contact via text for them to complete the Nottingham CityCare Partnership Patient Satisfaction Survey and at 6 months via telephone for evaluation of the service and to assess if the intervention has been sustainable.


Parental self-referral is via the Children’s Public Health 0-19 Nursing Team, book a clinic appointment to discuss a referral.

Team contact details can be found at Children's Public Health 0-19 Nursing Service (

Professionals can find our referral form on SystmOne CityCare / GP F12 pathfinder template in the clinical tree.

None SystmOne user GP practices can contact the team directly on 0115 8834359 

If you would like to discuss a referral, please don’t hesitate to contact us.