We are commissioned by the Local Authority to work in partnership with the council’s Early Help Team (0-5) to deliver the “Best Start” program.

This includes the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) and the Children’s Safeguarding team. We also run the Child Health Information Service. We offer various tiers of service dependent on the needs of parents and children.

We are informed by the Child Health Service of all new births or children registering with a new GP in Nottingham city. 

We offer parenting support including advice on healthier lifestyles; food and diet, sleep and smoking. In addition, every child is assessed at key stages, as per the Healthy Child Programme, for healthy growth and development and signposted to additional support if required. Our Nutrition Support Workers are on hand to offer support with breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle choices. We offer secondary school drop ins, Health Promotion advice in city schools and offers 1-1 support to children with a health need. 

We have developed a new integrated service model with Early Help services and work collaboratively with schools, local authorities and Small Step Big Changes to support evidence based child safeguarding and health promotion.

This is a new Sexual Health Drop in for young people 13- 19 who are educated in the city. Please note that college students must live in the city as well to qualify for this service. The clinic will offer Pregnancy Testing, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screening, MyCard registration and condom pick up and any additional advice, support and signposting. 

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CityCare Baby Feeding and Healthy Lifestyles Facebook Page


We work with our partners to support Children and Young People with Special Education Needs & Disabilities:

Special Education Needs & Disabilities Local Offer | Ask Lion - Nottingham City Directory

Our children’s Continuing Care Service information:

Continuing Healthcare- Adults and Children :: Nottingham City Care

The IRIS Project is a one-stop shop offering information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities based in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire:

IRIS Project, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire | Notts Help Yourself

Nottingham City Children and Young People’s Behaviour and Emotional Health Team:

Children & Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health Team | Ask Lion - Nottingham City Directory

The Community Children and Young People’s Service is made up of different services which support young people with additional health needs, including disability:


Good speaking and listening skills are crucial. Children need them to do well at school and to make friendships. Much later on, good communication skills are vital for their careers, as well as their all-round wellbeing and mental health. These pages offer help, information and support to grow children’s language skills.


Our Safeguarding team is able to offer advice, supervision and training to staff.

We have duty members of staff able to offer safeguarding advice to any CityCare staff with a concern about an adult or child. staff will be signposted to other agencies and professionals as require and will support staff to escalate concerns as required.

Safeguarding supervision is takes place at least quarterly and is in both group and one to one format dependent on experience and caseload complexity. Regular drop-in sessions are also set up for staff to discuss ongoing cases.

Our family nurses support first time mum’s and babies up to the age of 2 years who are under the age of 19. We offer intensive support with: 

  • Life skills
  • Health and wellbeing advice
  • Looking after your baby
  • Your baby’s development
  • Safety and stability
  • Connecting with your baby
  • Family and support networks
  • Goals and aspirations

We are mainly visit patients at home but we also offer a choice of locations where this is most appropriate. This includes GP surgeries, children’s centres, schools, health centres and cafes.

Patients can refer via Health and Care Point but the usual method is via community midwifery referral

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Text Health

Young people and parents or carers of children can get confidential advice from a public health nurse if they have concerns

Young people aged 11-19 years old can send a text to: 07480 635024 or start a chat at www.chathealth.nhs.uk if they have concerns about their health or wellbeing

Parent/carers of babies and children can send a text to: 07480 635002 or start a chat at www.chathealth.nhs.uk for parenting advice