Nottingham CityCare is an award-winning community health services provider, dedicated to improving long-term health and wellbeing. We are a social enterprise delivering a range of healthcare services tailored to the needs of local people and free at the point of delivery. It is our vision to build healthier communities.

We are a provider of NHS services, but we're not the NHS. We have the freedom to be flexible, innovative and responsive and we work with local private, public and voluntary organisations to deliver the services local people need.

A social enterprise is a business that trades to tackle social problems and to improve communities. 
We reinvest our profits back into the business or the local community. The main services we provide include caring for people in their own homes or community settings with the objective of keeping people out of hospitals unless medically necessary; health visiting and education for young families; community nursing and rehabilitation in their own homes for older people; walk-in health centres for urgent care; palliative and end of life care and specialist diabetes, dietetics and nutritional advice and support.

CityCare is far more than a simple provider of community healthcare services; we care for communities and employ local people who are embedded in those communities. We support and develop initiatives that aim to prevent ill health and injury and invest our social return in building wider community wellbeing.

Our work is shaped by our core values of integrity, expertise, unity and enterprise. We are dedicated to providing care you can trust, behaving with compassion and using public money efficiently and effectively to deliver on our promises. You can have confidence in the care we provide and we will always live by the NHS principles. Our expertise is grounded in professionalism and we are industry-recognised leaders in clinical research, service redesign and improved patient care.

We are committed to building strong working partnerships across the community and working hand in hand with our patients and our colleagues to improve health and wellbeing and deliver excellent quality care.

Our ambition is to work across organisational and social boundaries and lead meaningful change towards delivering a healthier future for all.

Our commitment to quality

Our registration with the Care Quality Commission
As a provider of NHS services, CityCare is required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. It must comply with the regulations of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and ensure that essential standards of quality and safety are monitored and maintained. Click to see our Certificate of Registration.

The CQC carries out regular inspections to check that all services continue to meet required standards and it shares this information with the public.

As part of this process a CQC inspection team observes the care we provide, talks to our staff and talks to the people who receive our services. Nottingham CityCare Partnership currently meets all the required CQC standards for the services it provides.

You can also view our Annual Quality Accounts

Here are our registrations for two locations: our Standard Court Head Office and the Urgent Care Centre in Nottingham.

The Statement of Purpose gives details about our registration with the CQC. It contains details about our aims and objectives, provides details about our registered locations and includes information about the services we deliver under the terms of our registration.
Find out more about our registration on the Care Quality Commission website.

CityCare’s 3 year strategic plan sets out what we aim to achieve as we strive to continue to deliver high quality services to Nottingham’s citizens, making the most of the resources available to us and in line with the NHS long term plan. 

As a local provider, our first priority continues to be delivering quality, safe and effective services to all of our patients and their families. Our vision and social purpose is to build healthier communities and our values of integrity, expertise, unity and enterprise lie at the heart of everything we do, guiding how we work together with partners and each other.

Health and social care services are changing nationally and locally and CityCare is a crucial part of that change as we all work to treat you and your families closer to your own homes and in the community, freeing up hospitals for those who truly need their special care. CityCare will provide services in partnership with others to help make the whole system work better for you.

Our staff are at the heart of the service we offer to our patients. It is their skills, knowledge, experience and dedication that provide the quality of service we aspire to deliver. We will be investing in their training and development and supporting them to do the best for you.
You can access the CityCare Strategic Plan 2019-2022 here