We are a non-clinical team that process referrals to a number of community services. Some of those services you are able to self-refer to and some require a health professional to refer on your behalf.

We take referrals from patients, their relatives, carers and health care professionals over the telephone and using our online referral site. We also process referrals via internal and external clinical systems and email.

We are a team of highly knowledgeable Service Advisors who take and process referrals for the community services that CityCare provide. We offer admin support to these services and make appointments for the Doppler and Treatment Room clinics, as well as Phlebotomy. We also take referrals for and make appointments for the Weekend Treatment Room from both City and County (excluding Rushcliffe) GP surgeries.

As a team with specialist knowledge of community referral pathways we are often called upon to signpost patients and health professionals to the correct services for their health & social needs and geographical location.

We also receive and process access to records requests.

Patients, carers or clinicians can contact Nottingham Health and Care Point on 0300 131 0300 

Option 1: If you require health services including phlebotomy

Followed by :

Option 1: Integrated enablement service , Including Urgent Care & Community Beds to avoid a hospital admission to facilitate discharge from hospital to maintain independence in the Community

Option 2: MOSAIC, MSK, pain, spinal and orthopaedic service

Option 3: Continence Advisory Service

Option 4: Any other health service

Option 2 : If you require social care services or using our online referral form