A career at CityCare is varied and interesting, and in many roles there is an option to work flexible hours that fit around your family life and commitments. We have team members working in our many different services, at health centres, schools and GP surgeries around the city, while other colleagues are on the road delivering care into the homes of young families, older people and those with special health needs.

If you are committed to the ideals of the NHS - providing equal access to free healthcare for all - but want freedom to innovate and respond swiftly to needs in the community, we think you'll enjoy working for CityCare. We are at the forefront of integrating health and social care to meet our healthcare challenges.

Our services are expanding and developing all the time giving our talented and committed CityCare teams new opportunities for innovation and development. It's a dynamic environment to work in as we work closely with private and public sector agencies to deliver top quality services that benefit the society in which we live.

Staff working in community health tend to build up relationships with patients over time and this is just one aspect of the work that they find incredibly rewarding.