DESMOND: Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed

The DESMOND programme is for people with Type 2 diabetes.  There are different courses depending on whether insulin has been prescribed.  Patients must be registered with a Nottingham City GP.

DESMOND is delivered as 2 half day sessions across the city in various community venues. It is part of the Nottingham City Diabetes Service.

Participants will improve their knowledge and understanding of their diabetes and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss all of the information that they have been given, some of which may seem contradictory or unclear.  This will help with day-to-day self-management.

The Topics Covered include:

  • Understanding diabetes and why management is important.
  • Diet and Activity – what is the current best guidance and what that information means.
  • Support to make changes that can help improve diabetes and overall health and wellbeing.

Sessions are also available in Urdu or via MS Teams.

Access to MyDesmond, an online supporting website is also available.

DESMOND Injectables is delivered over 4 x 3 hour sessions.  This requires a Health Care Professional referral.  Please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse.


Did you know you can self-refer for this service? Click here to self-refer. Alternatively, you scan scan the QR code at the top of this page.

Self-Referral (DESMOND only): please telephone 0300 131 0300 option 1, option 4

Healthcare Professional Referral (DESMOND and DESMOND Injectables): As above or via F12 function on SystmOne, or for EMIS WEBB practices via F12

A recent HbA1c (Blood glucose) test result is required.