The city of Nottingham is located in Nottinghamshire and in the East Midlands. With a population of around 335,000 residents, Nottingham is considered a fairly large city. It lies approximately 130 miles from London. The nearest airport is East Midlands Airport, around 12 miles away and offers both international and domestic flights.

Nottingham is commonly associated with the legend of Robin Hood, the heroic outlaw who traditionally took from the rich in order to give to the poor. However, Nottingham's history offers much more. Dating from as far back as the 6th century, the city has seen many industries over the centuries such as wool, silks, malt, glass making, hosiery, bicycles, tobacco and lace! Today Nottingham’s focus is more on technology, digital, service sectors and life sciences.

Nottingham is experiencing a huge regeneration programme costing billions of pounds and also aims to become the UK’s first carbon neutral city within the next six years. It is a very green city with many gardens and parks and recognised as already being one of the least car dependent cities in the UK. Nottingham has its own tram network which eases a substantial amount of traffic congestion.

There are two well respected, global universities, Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham which attract a high level of students and sport lovers will be pleased to hear that Nottingham boasts two football clubs, a test match cricket ground, and ice and water sport centres.

Whilst Nottingham has a variety of attractions and pursuits and beautiful parks and glorious surrounding countryside, it does of course like any city, have its challenges of deprivation and health inequalities.  As an organisation, CityCare is dedicated to tackling those challenges, along with partners.  We are part of the wider family of the NHS; in our case delivering services to communities to people mostly in their own homes and within a community setting.

One of our key strategic aims is to ‘create long-term sustainable improvement in our communities’ – so if you join us, you know that you’ll be helping to make that happen.  That’s what we mean about making a difference every day.