We are a service that offers specialist continence advice and support for children over the age of 4 who are registered with a Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) GP. Our Children’s Team comprises of 3 Specialist Nurses. 

In the UK an estimated 1 in 12 children aged from 5-19 year olds suffer from bowel and bladder conditions.

Bowel and bladder problems can and do have a big impact on both the children and their families. 

Children can suffer a lower quality of life by missing out on school trips and other social activities due to embarrassment and fear. There is also a higher incidence of behavioural and emotional problems. Families feel the strain from disturbed sleep, the amount of washing and the worry of going out.

Bedwetting is a widespread and distressing condition that can have a deep impact on a child or young person's behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social life. 

Constipation is common in childhood. It is prevalent in around 5–30% of the child population. Families may delay seeking help for fear of a negative response from healthcare professionals. It has been suggested that some healthcare professionals underestimate the impact of constipation on the child or young person and their family.

Our aim is to promote continence from an early age to help avoid or reduce the issues of delayed toilet training, constipation, soiling, daytime and night time wetting. Children with additional needs may be supported by the service from the age of 2 years for their toileting if criteria are met.

Continence products are only supplied to children following an initial assessment if incontinence is not achieved following advice. Products are only offered from the age of 5 years with the exception of children who have a neurogenic bladder or bowel health issue.

The team provides support in community clinics, schools and if required, within the home. The team works closely with Education, Social Care, GP’s and Paediatricians.
We are based at Sherwood Rise Health Centre but hold clinics at Strelley Health Centre, Bulwell Riverside, Clifton Cornerstone and Top Valley Health Point.
The service is provided Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm excluding Bank Holidays.

If you wish to speak to a professional regarding any continence issues then please contact either your Health Visitor or School Nurse.

Referrals are accepted via the Community Public Health Nurses, Health Visitors or Paediatricians and GP’s following Level 1 support. Referrals are made electronically or via letter.