Our Executive Team has decided to adopt the Real Living Wage from the beginning of April.

This means that we will place band 2 employees on the top point of their pay scale and will not use the starting point with effect from 1st April 2023.

We currently have 38 people on the starting point of band so from April they will see an increase in their wages.

The National Living Wage was brought in on 1st April 2016 for workers in the UK aged 23 and over and was implemented at a significantly higher rate than the national minimum wage. However, this wage was considered not to be calculated according to what employees and their families needed to live.

Therefore, the ‘Real Living Wage’ rates are higher based on what people need to earn to get by.  The Real Living Wage Foundation (www.livingwage.org.uk) encourages businesses to pay the ‘Real Living Wage’ to their employees aged 18 and over.

Our NHS Trust colleagues in the local system are either considering or are implementing ‘Real Living Wage’

Lou Bainbridge our Chief Executive said:” I am delighted we have agreed to implement the “Real Living Wage”. It is important that people are paid enough to live on, particularly with the cost of living at the moment.

”This is why we agreed  to use the top point of Agenda for Change band 2 for all new appointments and to move those members of staff currently on the starting point of band 2 to the top of band 2 with effect from 1st April 2023.  We also agreed to consider becoming an accredited member of the ‘Real Living Wage’ Foundation.”

Date published: 27 March 2023