Twelve CityCare winners were announced at our annual Celebrating Success Staff Awards ceremony, held at East Midlands Conference Centre on Friday 28 June. The awards celebrate individual members of staff, teams, and volunteers.

Over 150 colleagues attended from team across CityCare, the atmosphere was electric as host Des Coleman, ITV Central weatherman, announced the winners of this year’s awards recognising their hard work, dedication and fabulous care given.

ITV Central weatherman, Des Coleman hosted this year's event

Chief Executive Lou Bainbridge said:

“Our annual staff awards are the biggest event in our staff calendar and certainly one of the most important. The dedication and commitment our staff demonstrate ever day needs to be recognised and the awards is a wonderful way of colleagues and members of the public to put nominate those colleagues who they feel deserved some special recognition."

Sarah Butters, Children and Young People’s Practitioner and winner of our ‘Rising Star Award, said: “It’s nice to be recognised, we all work hard, and we all make a difference to the families that we work with, and that’s what it’s all about.”

The awards also celebrated Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC), honouring them with a new award for this year, the ‘Special Recognition Award’. After ten years of providing support for new parents and young children, the programme comes to an end next year. As she presented the award, Chief Executive Lou Bainbridge said: “There’s no doubt their work will leave a long-lasting impact on the communities they serve.”

Congratulations to all our nominees, shortlisted and winners. 

Winners of the 2024 CityCare Celebrating Success Awards


Page 8 and 9 - Nina Yaseen - Making a Difference Award.jpg

                                                                                   Nina Yaseen, Making a Difference Award                                     

Page 8 and 9 - Fiona Branton Outstanding Contribution to Improving Patient Safety Award.jpg

                                                                     Fiona Branton, Outstanding Contribution to Patient Safety

Page 8 and 9 -  Hannah Appleton - Striving for Improvement Through Learning Award.jpg

Hannah Appleton, Striving for Improvement through Learning Award

Page 8 and 9 -Integrated resipratory and oxygen service - Outstanding Contribution to Improving Patient Experience Award.jpg

        Integrated Respiratory and Oxygen Service, Outstanding Contribution to Patient Safety

Page 8 and 9 - Sarah Butters - Rising star award.jpg

Sarah Butters, Rising Star Award

Page 8 and 9 - Transient Families Team - Team of the Year Award.jpg

Transient Families, Team of the Year Award

Page 8 and 9 - Lissa Henderon - Lifetime Achievement Award.jpg

Lissa Henderson, Lifetime Achievement Award

Page 8 and 9 - Sean O'Dowd - spotlight award.jpg

Sean O'Dowd, Spotlight Award

Small Steps Big Changes, Special Recognition Award

Shazia Fatima, Valuing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Date published: 3 July 2024