Historically CityCare has provided an excellent crisis response service in the guise of the urgent care service, supporting medically stable patients to remain in their homes. However from 1 April, this was replaced by the urgent community response (UCR) service, the service aims to avoid unnecessary admissions and support people who are in crisis with a consistent offer across Nottinghamshire City and County.

The multi-disciplinary team have a passion for offering a patient-focused holistic assessment and aims to either maintain or improve the individuals' independence where possible; rehabilitation, equipment and short-term rehab goals may be implemented to support this with regular reviews or onward referrals.

The delivery of the service is in response to NHS England’s national mandate to accelerate the treatment of urgent care needs closer to home and prevent avoidable hospital admissions. It sets out that all Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) must ensure UCR services are available to all people within their homes or usual place of residence including care homes by April 2022.

The countywide UCR service provides a two-hour response to support a person who is at risk of admission or re-admission to the hospital due to a ‘crisis’ and they are likely to attend hospital within the next 2 to 24 hours. The focus of the UCR is to deliver a clinical intervention to prevent further deterioration and to keep them safe at home.

Date published: 14 June 2022